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Sleep Hygiene

Make a bedtime routine

Repetition is your frenemy.

Ok, you already know to brush your teeth before bed. Plus you have other routines you don't even think about - turning off all the lights, checking your alarm, taking your glasses off, getting a glass of water and placing it just so. These are great habits to have and you should keep them up!

But you may also have habits which might be getting in the way of your sleep. Your love of lattes (taste for tea, captivation with coffee, sweet spot for soda, and so forth) brings on the caffeine and deprives you of sleep. Also, I can tell that you actually kept your New Year resolution and have been working out. Great job! But do that exercise too late in the day, and your sleep gets weak and flabby. Plus I hate to mention it, but your erratic bedtimes need to make like a tree and vanish. Yes, it's true, you need to go to bed at the same time each night so your body knows it can count on you to give it the rest it needs to stay healthy.

What can I do?

Create a routine that includes the good habits you already have, and adds in the new ones you want to incorporate:

Yes, realistically there will be exceptions to allow. Nonetheless, create the best possible routine and stick to it as often as you can!

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