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Go To Bed

~~Instructor Resources~~

Improve the Quality
of Your Nightlife

Welcome Instructors! Thank you for your endeavors to spread the word about positive sleep habits, why people need them, and how to get them. In this class you will teach participants about positive sleep behaviors, help them create some of their own, then turn them into habits that they can easily sustain.

Class consists of seven one-hour live video-conferences, nightly homework (which you'll need to review before class), and a final follow-up survey one month after class. The instructor guide contains the timing, the details of each day's lesson, the assessments, and all the other resources needed to teach the class. Your participants will be on their way to better sleep in just seven days!

Start by reviewing the class slides and the instructor guide. Look over the student site to familiarize yourself with what your participants will see. Everything you need is listed below. Last, but not least, get a good night sleep before teaching class!

Materials: You'll need these items for class:
Computer, pad or smart phone with...
- Internet, video camera and microphone (headset recommended)
- Web browser with bookmarking capability
- PDF viewer
- Google Hangout access
- Email
- Notepad (to copy/paste information on your device)
- MS PowerPoint
- An online timer (search "timer" on Google or use this one)
Instructor Guide
PowerPoint class slides
Sleep Quizzzzz PDF
A way to take notes (electronic or paper, either is fine)

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