Lois Kent


Thanks for dropping by! Enjoy perusing examples of my work and feel free to send me comments. I upload samples that strike me as significant, unusual, entertaining or otherwise noteworthy. All works shown here are my original creations, unless otherwise noted.

Instructional Design

For my M.Ed. in Learning & Technology in 2016 I wrote a blended course for adults on sleep education. The one-week class included a daily one-hour webinar, student led teach-backs, nightly practice and homework. Find the instructor materials and a student web page at the provided links.

This was the original version of the instructional unit for the same course. It followed a required template and included a summary of a needs analysis, an assessment, a rubric and a mock up of the original web page. It was based on my original research work and completed for a class assignment in 2015.

Here is a design document that was completed for a course I edited for a training department in 2014. It shows the results of a needs analysis completed for the company. It was written on a department standard template.

While working on my Adobe Educator certification in 2016, I created a professional development class for educators called Overcoming Adobe Intimidation. The focus was on learning some useful but unusual features of Adobe Acrobat DC.

Website Development

sleeping moon

The sleep education website was created in 2015 as a precursor to the aforementioned sleep class. The pages were originally created in Adobe Dreamweaver, but are now updated directly in HTML, with a direct FTP connection to the domain host.

Clearly, another work sample is this ePortfolio. This page and the related CSS were written directly in HTML, though I still like to return to Dreamweaver occassionally to keep up my familiarity with the program.

I also volunteer as webmaster for my local homeowner's association, but I won't claim that website as mine until after I complete all the revamps that I have planned for them.

Desktop Publishing

movie ticket

I created this fun activity guide for a holiday party with friends in 2015. I supplied the icebreakers and brainteasers, neatly compiled in this document. If you know how to print the hidden text, you'll even see the answers!

These homemade movie tickets were given out at a theme party in 2015, accompanied by popcorn and a movie, of course!

I am considering putting up more of my fun creations here, but still considering how much of my inner goofiness is appropriate to share on my ePortfolio. Stay tuned!


graphic from presentation

This presentation was created as part of a class assignment in 2015. Note that speaker notes are included in the notes section of each slide, so that the presenter could expand on the information presented visually.

The online webinar (i.e., live online course) was a job assignment from 2014. Note that facilitator notes are included in the notes section of each PowerPoint slide, so that the facilitator would know how to use the information visually represented in the slides to teach the class. A lot of blank space is present on the slides to allow room for participants to add their comments directly on screen during the online class.


Excel graph

This Birthdays and Anniversaries spreadsheet is a fairly straightforward spreadsheet I use personally to keep track of important dates. Created in 2015.

The Excel Assessment is a tool I wrote as a hiring manager in 2009 to assess potential job candidates' Excel skills, as part of the interview process. It tests knowledge of basics like sorting and filtering, as well as more advanced skills such as vlookups and pivot tables.



Here are two databases created at sodadb.com (e.g., simpleonlinedatabase.com).

The first is a sample gradebook. This could be useful for updating and reviewing grades anywhere there is internet connectivity. Teachers, be sure to verify that the level of confidentiality is secure enough for your learning institution.

The second is a fun Recipe Database. This sample could be useful not only as a database, but also for teaching students how they could organize their favorite information (e.g., music, movies, even their extensive Magic the Gathering cards collection) in a way that would allow them to benefit from electronic searches. In doing so, students would develop database skills with regards to creating records, revising records, sorting data, filtering data, and retrieving data.

Video Creation & Editing

I created the video Sleep Matters as a course introduction to the same sleep course that the website and instructional unit (both above) support. The video is imbedded in the home page of the sleep site. Honestly, this was the most creative and fun project I got to undertake while earning my degree!


sketch and graphic of sleeping person

A visit to my graphics collection will give you an overview of a variety of my graphics work.

Graphics on the sleep site include a mix of original work and creative commons licensed (and credited appropriately) work that was selected to represent related concepts.

Writing Samples

Come read my blog post on gamification and learning. While you're at it, visit my LinkedIn profile!

Coming soon! Once I have completed my degree (September 2016), I plan to upload some of my papers here as APA writing samples.